Customer Service Excellence


Mpl serv exc 700x401

Customer Service Excellence
Learning Outcomes:
• Identifying customer service standards for great service
• Applying best practices for evaluating customer service
• Developing strategies for communicating with customers
• Identifying and navigating “moments of truth”
• Managing difficult customer situations
• Continuous improvement strategies for customer service across the generations
Standard Topics:
✓ The customer profile
✓ Customer service models
✓ Building a superior customer service culture
✓ The RATER model
✓ Setting, managing and exceeding customer expectations
✓ Service standards and evaluations
✓ Trust and the customer service relationship
✓ Effective listening skills for customer service
✓ Email techniques for customer service
✓ The seven types of challenging customers
✓ The role of professionalism in customer service
✓ Phrases to use and to avoid
✓ Navigating difficult customer situations
✓ Reducing customer turnover
✓ How different generations prefer to be served as customers