Performance Management - for Supervisors, Managers, Business Owners/Operators


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Performance Management - for Supervisors, Managers, Business Owners/Operators

The 40-hour Performance Management - Valuing Individuals & Performance program is designed to provide participants how the role of performance management is an essential function of an organization or company whether the business is 1 employee or 30 employees.

The program will provide knowledge, process, templates and tools for managing employee performance and engaging employees to support them in their role, and help employees be successful in their role with your organization

Topics and Learning Outcomes: Performance management
  • Identify the core components of performance management  
 Learning styles
  • Identify the learning styles and how they impact performance
 Performance goals
  • Developing SMART performance goals
  • Accountability when goal setting
  • Time management to achieve goals
 Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • The three types of feedback
  • Triggers that impact employees receiving feedback
  • The J curve influence after feedback
 Performance logs
  • ·        Performance logs to record employee performance
  • What should and should not be recorded in a performance log
 Performance appraisals tools
  • Designing performance appraisals tools
  • Preparation and delivery of a performance appraisal
 Progressive discipline
  • Identifying the steps in progressive discipline
  • Documentation during progressive discipline
  • Onboarding program for role clarity and employee success
  • Creating a win- win onboarding program
 Stay Interviews
  • Conducting stay interviews
  • The steps of a stay interview
 Managing performance issues in the workplace
  • The role of coaching for employee success
  • Effective questions for reflection and direction
  • Using a defined coaching model
 Employee policies and procedures
  • Developing employee policies and procedures
  • Compare and contrast employee policies and procedure examples



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