Essential Skills for Effective Human Resource Management

Luc Ringuette

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Essential Skills for Effective Human Resource Management

A human resource strategy helps a business owner/manager hire the right people for the right job, train and develop employees and achieve the goals of the business or organization.
The Essential Skills for Effective Human Resource Management is a 40-hour program for small to medium size businesses. This program will give participants concepts, tools, templates and procedures to manage their HR processes and reduce HR issues.
Learning Outcomes:

Staffing Strategy for Effective Business Growth
 The purpose of an HR system for any size business
 Identifying present and future staff requirements during business planning
 Importance of an organization chart for communication and planning

 Job Analysis, Job Specification and a Job Description
 Comparison of a job analysis, a job specification, person specification and a job description
 Steps to creating a job description

 Designing and Placing Effective Job Postings
 The seven key components of a well-designed job posting
 Steps to creating a job posting

 Effective Interview Process
 Three types of effective interview questions
 Job interview dos and don’ts
 Checking references
 Letter of offer – What to say and why it is important

 Creating and Completing Performance Appraisals
 The importance of a performance-management system for employees
 SMART goals for employee performance
 Effective performance appraisals
 Guidelines for conducting a performance appraisal

 Progressive Discipline
 The steps of progressive discipline

 HR Best Practices
 Importance of conducting exit interviews, policies and procedures
 Create a personnel file checklist


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