1. Attend an information session at NOBL located at 4852 Plymouth Road.
  2. Contact Nova Scotia Works and make an appointment to determine eligibility. Phone: 752-6826. Nova Scotia Works (Career Connections) office is located at the corner of Stewart and Campbell Street, New Glasgow (138 Campbell Street)
  3. Provide NOBL  a business concept (idea) on form provided to you, list of equity (things you own that you will use in the business for example, vehicle, computer, tools) and it’s value, a resume as well the Statement of Personal Affairs included in this package.
  4. If the concept seems viable, NOBL can request that you be put on the SEB program for the development of your business plan. This should take you no longer than 4 weeks to complete as you are signing a contract with Employment Nova Scotia stating that you are going to work on your business plan 35 hours per week. That being said, if you are having problems with your business plan, please contact us immediately so we can get you the proper assistance and allow you more time to complete.
  5. Once your contract is signed with Employment Nova Scotia for business plan development, please contact us immediately to let us know you have been signed up. At that time you will be registered for a “MANDATORY” one day workshop on business planning.
  6. If you find you need further assistance in doing your plan, please let us know immediately and we can arrange further assistance.
  7. Once your business plan is complete, submit it to NOBL  so the analysis of your business plan can be completed. This process usually takes 4-6 weeks depending on the level of activity at the time. Applications are assessed on a first come first served basis to keep the process fair.