Essential Skills for Leading Change

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Essential Skills for Leading Change – NEW FOR 2017

Northern Opportunities for Business Ltd., 4852 Plymouth Rd
Instructor: Lorna MacIsaac, Service First Training and Consulting
Businesses and community organizations are constantly adapting to keep up with the change in many aspects of their operations. Successfully organizing, engaging, and using the talent and potential of people and teams are crucial to effectively deal with change in an organization. Essential Skills in Leading Change is a 40-hour program designed for those leading change in their workplace or organization.
Learning Outcomes

1. The Change Management Cycle
a. The 3 phases of change. Understanding resistance to change
b. John Kotter’s Leading Change Model

2. Establish a Sense of Urgency
a. Developing urgency statements
b. Identify and dealing with complacency and apathy

3. Forming a Powerful Change Coalition – Getting the Right People on the Team a. Four qualities of an effective guiding coalition. Stakeholder analysis
b. Tuckman model of teambuilding.
c. Leadership styles and the leadership matrix

4. Creating a Vision
a. Creating a change vision statement
b. Actions to demonstrate the vision

5. Communicate the Vision
a. SMART goal setting
b. Effective communication planning
c. Dealing with resistance and the adoption curve

6. Empowering Others
a. Barriers to empowerment and undermining the vision

7. Planning and Creating Quick Wins

8. Consolidate Improvements
a. Declaring victory too soon
b. The nature of interdependent systems

9. Making Change Stick
a. When new practices replace old culture
b. Creating an adaptive culture and lifelong learning


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