Building Stronger Workplace Relationships


Leadership Skills

Building Stronger Workplace Relationships - Leadership Skills Level 1

Note:  Level 1 Must be completed before level 2.

The ability to effectively communicate with co-workers is one of the keys to success for all in the workplace. Effective communication increases leadership, co-worker cooperation, teamwork, productivity, and bottom-line results.
The Leadership Skills Level 1 program is a 40 hour foundational program giving frontline staff, supervisors, managers and business leaders’ skills and techniques to improve and strengthen communication in their business.

Learning Outcomes

 Communication Styles in the Workplace
 Identify the four communication styles in the workplace
 Identify own communication styles
 Strategies to adapt to other communication styles

 The Impact of Verbal, Vocal and Non-Verbal Communication
 Compare the three parts of communication
 Identify the five levels of listening
 Active listening skills and techniques
 Using non-verbal communication
 The power of intention during communication with others
 Triangulation in the workplace
 Techniques for enhancing communication

 Goal Setting for Results
 SMART goal setting
 Establishing weekly action challenges
 Accountability and goal setting

 How to Have Difficult Conversations
 Identify the steps of having a difficult conversation
 The purpose of intentional dialogue during a difficult conversation
 Demonstration of a difficult conversation

 Generational Differences in Our Workplace
 The four generations in the workplace.
 Dominant characteristics of each of the four generations
 The knowledge transfer in 2017
 Bridging lines of communication between the generations

 The Stages of Team Development
 Tuckman’s five stages of team development
 Teambuilding Gung Ho Style
 The Language of Appreciation & Celebration in the workplace


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