Jeff Ainslie

About Jeff Ainslie

Jeff has been in the manufacturing industry for over 30 years and has held various management and leadership/advisory roles with companies ranging from 22 employees to over 12,000 with multiple business units internationally.

Jeff holds a Masters Lean Certificate through J.C. Savard and has a background in Six Sigma methodology and is currently working on his Workplace Education Instructors Certification through the Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education.

His knowledge of applying Lean across all facets of business operations has provided him the opportunity to speak at numerous Consortiums such
as EMC (Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium) and also at the PIA (Printing Industry of America)
National Conference. Jeff has provided over 10,000 hours of technical and applied training in various industries across the continent.
With 20 years experience of CI completing over 2000 improvement (Kaizen) projects in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, Jeff has worked with many teams in different cultures. His knowledge of culture change and organizational behaviour focuses on the goal for your business to become a low cost producer through team based continuous improvement.

2020 Consulting is an Atlantic Canada based company that specializes in facilitating LEAN transformations by applying effective team training, facilitation, and coaching services to improve your operations. The belief in engaging and motivating your workforce to continually improve faster than your competition not only better positions your company as a low cost producer, but also provides agility in changing markets.

Industry Experience
• Printing
• Wood and Paper Product Conversion
• Manufacturing (process)
• Repair and Overhaul
• Aerospace and Innovative IT
• Administrative/Support Processes
• Maintenance Service Processes
• Mining – Heavy Industry
• Pulp and paper manufacturing
• Food Processing and packaging

Functional Experience
• Process Improvement:
! Manufacturing Operations
! Administration and Finance
! Sales and Marketing
! Human Resources
! Information Technology
! Product Development
! Service
• Plant Operations Management
• Quality Systems Implementation (ISO 9000)
• Health and Safety/Ergonomics
• Equipment commissioning
• Greenfield plant start up
• Inventory Systems
• Effective Change management
• Training and Facilitation
• Teamwork, Communications and Problem
• Strategy Deployment
• Value Stream Transitions