Leadership Skills Level 2


Leadership Skills2

Leadership Skills Level 2

Note: Level 2 Must be completed before level 3.

The ability to effectively communicate with co-workers is one of the keys to success for all in the workplace. Effective communication increases leadership, co-worker cooperation, teamwork, productivity, and bottom-line results.
The Leadership Skills Level 2 program is the second level of the three level leadership programs. This 40 hour program is for supervisors, business owners and leaders and will provide skills and techniques to improve and strengthen communication in the following topics:

Learning Outcomes

 Giving and Receiving Feedback
 Identify the three types of feedback found in the workplace
 Triggers that impact feedback
 The importance of the J curve influence after feedback

 Effective Problem Solving Techniques for Results
 Seven steps for effective problem solving in the workplace
 The risk impact probability chart
 The importance of the issues log in problem solving
 Three problem solving strategies for workgroups

 Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
 Identify differences between positional bargaining/negotiation and interest based bargaining/negotiation
 Five conflict resolution styles used in conflict and negotiation
 The five steps of the negotiation process

 Crucial Conversations
 The need for a crucial conversation
 The crucial conversation model
 Steps to deliver a crucial conversation

 Building Trust
 Define trust and list its characteristics
 Distinguish between high trust and low trust relationships
 Define the trust tax versus the trust dividend
 Define the trust triangle
 The 13 behaviours of a high trust leader

 Leading Without a Title
 Identify the three key elements of creditability
 The four cornerstones of leading with or without a title
 The seven fundamentals of personal leadership