Essential Skills in Human Resources

Lorna MacIssaac

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Essential Skills in Human Resources – For business owners, operators, managers or who serves in a human resource capacity at their workplace or business. 


  1. Do you follow a defined process when advertising, reviewing job applications, completing interviews and finalizing employee hires? Would more tips and processes help you in getting the right person in the right job?


  1. What are your top three interview questions? Are those questions getting the information you need to hire new staff?


  1. Does your business have a clear performance management system to help employees be successful in your business/ organization?


  1. Do you have a succession plan as employees retire or move into other roles in your business?


If these are some questions you have been pondering, this 40-hour Workplace Education program Essential Skills in Human Resources would be an excellent investment for your business,  as a manager or if you work in HR administration.

This program will include these topics

  • Building a staffing strategy - Identifying your HR needs for now and the future
  • Job analysis and creating effective job descriptions
  • The hiring process - Designing job postings. The interview and selection processes
  • Designing a performance management system – goals, appraisals, discipline, termination, and exit interviews
  • Human resources best practices
    • Personnel files
    • Employee orientation (employee onboarding)          
    • Employee policies and procedures   
    • Training and development     
    • Creating an Employee - Friendly Work Culture        
    • Being prepared - Succession planning




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