Leadership Skills Level 3


Leadership Skills3

Leadership Skills Level 3

The ability to effectively lead an organization builds a company, develops employees, and enhances cooperation within and outside the organization.
The Leadership Skills Level 3 program is the third and final level of the three level leadership programs. This 40-hour program is for those in a leadership position in their organization.

Learning Outcomes

 Supervising/coaching/mentoring/supporting/directing
 Leadership styles
 The Trifecta Effect

 Introduction to Managing Change in the Workplace
 The 3 phases and 7 core factors of change management
 The Adoption Curve

 Anatomy of Trust
 The 4 cores of trust to build credibility
 The Smart Trust Matrix
 The braving of trust

 Strategic Planning
 Elements of a strategic plan
 Techniques during strategic planning

 Maxwell’s Model of Leadership
 The 5 levels of leadership
 Applying the 5 levels of leadership for your leadership

 Maxwell’s Laws of Teamwork
 The 17 laws of teamwork
 Strategies to strengthen teamwork in your organization

 Covey’s Seven Habits
 Applying Covey’s seven habits when leading others in the workplace

 Principle Centered Leadership
 Identifying the 8 characteristics of principle centered leaders
 30 methods of influence for leadership