Brian Patton

About Brian Patton

Brian’s engaging story telling is a rare gift that makes for workshops and seminars that are both memorable and understandable.
Brian’s personal self employment experience dates back to 1974 when at age 16 he started painting houses. Since then he has owned a consignment store, an ice business, a financial planning practice and now a business training company. Since May of 2002 Brian has been working for Northern Opportunities for Business Limited as a business analyst. In this role he has enjoyed the privilege of coaching and supporting entrepreneurs looking for financial assistance as they reach for new business heights. The role has provided the opportunity to engage with hundreds entrepreneurs in dozens of industries. He has helped plumbers, restaurateurs, consultants and web designers,and many different businesses, from welding to wool.
His diverse exposure and personal experience provides a wealth of knowledge to draw on that makes for presentations that are uniquely applicable and engaging. After twenty years of small business seminars Brian’s entrepreneurial spirit easily rubs off and energizes anybody at his events.