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  • Integrity Sells

    Integrity Sells
    • People don’t want to be sold; so don’t sell them. • Integrity Sells will show you how to apply the consultants approach to help your clients make good buying decisions. • Business is better when the trust is in.
  • Three Part Series, Clare O'Connor

    Creating a strategic narrative for your businesses Whether engaging with audiences online or in person, communicating with impact and confidence is vital. Getting there requires business owners to be mindful of the narrative they are creating and make it strategic.
  • Phone Fear to Phone Fabulous

    Phone Fear to Phone Fabulous

    Turn your phone into one of your company’s key competitive advantages by understanding both the skills and psychology of phone communication.
  • Commercial Insurance

    Commercial Insurance


    This workshop covers all aspects of commercial and general liability insurance that are used by small business owners, and answers new business owners questions about liability, coverage and other general issues that entrepreneurs may face.
  • The entrepreneurial Journey

    Jaime shares her experiences as an entrepreneur and will cover a wide range of topics including financial, marketing, human resources, leases, moving a business,  and what to expect when you are your own boss.  
  • Introduction to Video for Small Business

    Introduction to video for Small Business

    Warren Robertson teaches participants about the importance of visual imagery of your products and services as well as does a tutorial of how to take small videos for your social media platforms.
  • Bookkeeping two part series

    Lynn MacKinnon delivers a two part series on how to set up your bookkeeping, accounting practices,  general knowledge of financial terminology and the basics of good financial management.  
  • Networking

    NetworkingThe ability to network is one of the most crucial skills any entrepreneur can have.
  • Marketing on a Shoestring

    Marketing on a Shoestring BudgetThis is an informative workshop that addresses marketing initiatives that are budget sensitive.
  • Social Media for Small Business

  • Applied Social Media Part 2